We manage the product information

We are an agency for the communication of product information. We have been building our knowledge and experience for more than thirty years. We know that the basis of any good cooperation is communication and understanding. We are open to challenges. We enjoy seeing how our actions help our clients and their businesses.
PIM platforms • Product databases
Product catalogs • Catalog cards
Manufacturers • Wholesalers • Repositories

Product information organization tools

product information organization tools
ETIM-Mapper application - is a PIM software for product information management in accordance with the ETIM/BMEcat standard. It is designed to build unified product information including product classification, technical parameters, general description, ordering, pricing and multimedia information. Thanks to its programming interface (API), ETIM-Mapper allows bi-directional communication (read/write) with other systems (e.g. ERP systems, websites, e-commerce).

ETIM-Mapper is a generic platform. Many PIM-type applications are based on its engine, such as ePIM, Fegime ETIM-Tool, ZHI Repository, Electrical Product Database or Branchekataloget.
Translation support applications (CAT)
Repositories for translation memories (TM)
Repositories for marketing publications

Tools for multilingual publications

tools for multilingual publications
Tools such as Translate it, Print on demand, ETIM Translator are examples of solutions that support the preparation and management of multilingual publications within an enterprise. The use of accumulated translation memory, industry-specific dictionaries and dedicated computer-assisted translation tools can minimize the preparation time for publications issued in multiple languages.
Websites • E-commerce stores
Positioning • Google Ads campaigns
Dedicated CMS systems

Digital media

digital media
We implement end-to-end web solutions, from branded websites to electronic shops and dedicated applications. We also develop solutions based on popular and proven platforms. We provide services in the area of Internet promotion, positioning and Google Ads advertising.
Presentations of products and their functionality
Advertising and instructional videos • Prototyping
Instructional animation • Rendering

3D models, visualizations and animations

3d models, visualizations and animations
Realistic 3D visualization allows for a modern and direct presentation of products and their functionality. 3D models, animation, focus on details, special effects, textures, lighting, etc. allow you to show products, ideas or concepts in a new perspective.
Corporate identity • Logo
Branding • Advertising

Graphic designs

graphic designs
Graphic design is our passion. We create imaginatively and effectively. We realise projects for printing, digital media or corporate identity.
DTP • Catalogs • Calendars
Brochures • Flyers • Business cards
Invitations • Letterheads

Pre-press and printing

pre-press and printing
We have many years of experience in the preparation and realization of printed publications, especially brochures and multilingual catalogs.
Graphic design of conferences and business events
Trade show stands • Rollups • Standees • Stands
Large format advertisements • Advertising on cars

Exhibition graphics

exhibition graphics
We provide graphic design for business events. We design and realise stands, standees and large-format advertisements. Rollups are our speciality: we can provide five types of rollup, varying in size and construction materials used.
Product packaging series
Labels • Stickers • POS materials

Packaging and labels

packaging and labels
Our designers know how to attract the customer's attention, how to stand out among the competition not only by aesthetic and appealing design, but also by practical and functional design. We carry out the entire process of creating packaging and product labels, from design to prototyping, printing and production.

Would you like to work with us?

We are currently looking to fill the following positions:

PHP Programmer Mid/Senior
  you have experience in programming more than 3 years
  UoP: 8000-9500 PLN (gross)
  B2B: 9500-11000 PLN (gross)

PHP Programmer Junior
  you have little experience, but want to gain it
  UoP: 6000-7500 PLN (gross)
  B2B: 8000-9000 PLN (gross)

What do we require?
•  passion for programming
•  analytical skills
•  creativity and innovation
•  openness to new challenges
•  readiness for continuous learning
•  commitment to what you do
•  communicativeness
•  interest in working on specific projects

•  PHP 8.1
•  JS
•  MySQL
•  ZF1 Future
•  Git
•  VS Code
•  Jira

What do we offer?
•  participation in interesting projects:
    •  PIM (Product Information Management)
    •  practical use of artificial intelligence
    •  translation applications (CAT)
    •  utility applications, online stores, websites
•  hybrid work or stationary work
•  flexible working hours
•  FitProfit card

Join us
  send your resume to job@medialab.pl

Get in touch with us

Company headquarters
  Beskidzka 25, 91-612 Lodz
  +48 533 888 402
  +48 505 202 200

Printing House
  Sportowa 5, 95-006 Bukowiec
  +48 605 309 030
  +48 512 555 871

We work
  Mo.-Fr., 9:00-17:00